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In-Person Therapy

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What is the process?

Our initial meeting will be an assessment session and it will be a good opportunity to visit your circumstances and gather some primary information in order to be able to offer you the support you look for. Assessment session will not be the beginning of therapy.

The beginning of therapy will be the first session after assessment.

What is..and what happens in assessment?

Assessment is an integral part of therapy. It is a structured interview-type session in which I will gather some further information about you and your presenting issue/s. Moreover, it is a good chance for you as well to get a feeling of my in the room and ask me any questions you may have. I encourage you to clarify anything you may want. If it the case that you will be in therapy for the first time, please do not feel afraid or embarassed to ask any questions around it.

Some of the areas we will cover are:

  • Family Background
  • Personal Background (e.g. social, work)
  • Goals in therapy

Therapeutic frame

You have the option to opt-in for ether short (16-week frame) or long-term therapy (21-weeks). Sessions are held weekly at the same, agreed, time and day. All sessions last for 50 minutes

All sessions are charger including DNA's (non-attendance) or cancellation. In these two instances the missed sessions from you side will be deducted from the overall session. If I cancel a session you wil not be charged not will the session be deducted from the averall.

It is best practice to give a 24-hour notice for cancelling a session; as I will do if it happens from my side.

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