Mission Statement

My Counselling Place symbolises support, and support suggests the existence of a relationship. Building a relationship of any sort, more so in therapy, can be quite challenging. Trust, feelings, sharing untold thoughts and things you might never have shared to anyone but yourself do need a safe space where you will not feel judged.

My Counselling place has as a mission to continuously create and promote an accessible, non-judgemental therapeutic place to where everyone will feel valued, respected, accepted and supported from wherever they come from or wherever they live in.

Vision Statement

To become the most accessible Counselling and Psychotherapy place that people will best, feel understood and supported.


Standards: Without standards, you cannot go far.

Fees: Have affordable session fees.

Accessibility: Focusing on the client’s needs and preferred ways of doing therapy.

Waiting Times: Minimise waiting times as more as possible.


Respect: Working on the belief that that all people deserve to be given a chance and be treated as equals, regardless of their background.

Competence: Be driven by passion for learning and experiencing, and to always look for continuous personal and professional development. Clients deserve competent therapist.

Leadership: The courage to create a better Therapy Place and promote Mental Health.

Collaboration: it takes two to tango

Integrity: Be as authentic and consistent as possible

Passion: Committed in heart and mind

Quality: Always offering high quality practice and expertise in accordance to the BACP standards and ethics.

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